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words by jace.

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vinyl rescue service


Here's a Grime track called Dub released on a Grime label by a Dubstep producer called Skream. All clear?

Mr Keaz aka Skream - Dub (Southside)

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I'm too lazy busy to post my upcoming tour dates right now. my MurdochSpace page lists dates & towns. Roughly: Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Most with Filastine, one with the Wordsound crew and Kid606, etc. We will be chilling in Milan for a few days -- drop a line if you have recommendations.

and yes, on saturday December 2nd Andy Moor (The Ex, Touch & Go) and I will be playing a midnite show upstairs at Tonic, NEW YORK CITY. Guitar and turntables like you never heard b4. Plus some Cheikha Djenia if we are lucky. I havent played NYC in 2 years, and Andy & I have never done a duo set in North America, so the night should will be special. see you there.

and yes, on Nov 3 i'll be in Toronto with mr Knifehandchop and friends. DeGrassi Junior High is CANADIAN, they tell me. Who knew!?


I've been talking too much about music, i'm sorry. What about the men dressed like police officers? This city is filled with them -- why aren't we talking about them!?

and the V.I.P.s? Batman? If I make too much sense, feel free to slap me. Lil Murders knows what I'm talkin' about. Gubble Gubble.

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  • hourlong mix in the Extremely Beautiful category: Dr Auratheft combining qawwali and flamenco. I'm not so into qawwali, but everything here is real nice, very powerful flamenco too... Auratheft's writeup touches on the fusion's relation to post-European and heterodox Islamic identity.

Doabi Gypies - Auratheft mix
      audio here

  • SKREAM! 2 hours of freshly Rinsed pirate radio from one of the most formidable producers out there right now. of those 2 hours, nearly all the best tunes are his. it´s scary.

  • great feedback and thoughts in response to my grime/dubstep piece over at dubstep forum. always cool to see the discussion extend.

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Sunday 22 October 2006 at 09:40 am

not only music -- books too.

when last in the UK, i made my touring partners drive several hours out of our way, just to stop by Sheffield's Rare & Racy. Says Joe c90: "Rare&Racy - THE alternative book&record shop in sheffield - is having a hard time financially as the council wants to develop the area and knock it down to install some uniform identikit modern bars, so they're letting rents and leaseholds go through the roof." 

more on Matt inna minute, try '40 Days' in the meanwhile...


Thursday 12 October 2006 at 2:32 pm

Ten years ago Baltimore was hard to find, at least outside of Baltimore. You may have been sleeping... In Boston, the Beyond the QE2 crew on WZBC would play it, but i never managed to discover where they copped their tunes -- Biscuithead stocked some, but the selection was never as banging as what was dropped at Beyond's radio or DJ Duo's club sessions.

Here's a 26 minute radio session, recorded to cassette in 96-97 by yours truly.

DJ Rupture's Cassette Rescue Series - BALTIMORE @ Beyond the QE2, WZBC. 1996/7

if lo-fi negro pottymouth avant-garde clubb beats are NOT your thing, no problem, we totally understand, let's listen to some Very Pleasant, acoustic, non-orthodox gnawa fusion tunes from Morocco.

?? -- from Festival d'Essaouira vol. 1 cassette

from one of the many unlicensed cassette comps that float around the Festival d'Essaouira. Published by Mogador Music in Essaouira, but no additional info. The official festival graphic (below) makes me wonder -- who hit Africa harder, Hendrix or Marley? i'm guessing it's the sound of Marley and the look of Hendrix. This is not the first gnawa-as-Hendrix cover art i've seen in the Maghreb...


tip: for partyrock dancefloor nuclear, try Heatwave's gnarly Crazy Hype 7" on Punchline. It's as good as their 'Trick Me Twice' and the edits are even better, as is the original voicing by Rubi Dan. buyable a bunch of places like here and here. If you gonna do mashups, you'd best be better than everybody else...

disclaimer: i once had tea and sandwiches with Heatwave & Rubi in BCN.

truth: when i played this seven at Ghislain's insane booty party in Montreal (BOUNCE) the (already boiling) room actually got hotter, it felt like opening an oven.


Friday 06 October 2006 at 3:41 pm
When Lebrijano sings, the water gets wet
- Gabriel García Márquez

as a follow-up to the Auratheft mix, here´s flamenco singer El Lebrijano, accompanied by La Orquesta Arabigo-Andalusi de Tanger. Calle De San Francisco: a perfect Andalucian storm of voice, poetry, instrumentation. from his Casablanca album

El Lebrijano - Calle De San Francisco

My Grime/Dubstep/Voice post quite quicky became one of the most talked about pieces on MuddUp!. Thanks to all the commentors here and elsewhere who keep adding great new thoughts and angles into the conversation.

Any discussion of voice and subjectivity in audio should include Gregory Whitehead - I´ve discussed him here. A lot of his writings and works for radio actively explore the notion of disembodied radiobodies, how a voice severed from body/source operates -- very relevant to the sampling discussion, and critical for anybody interested in radio. try this one, it functions as a twisted essay on vocal subjectivity and desire. This piece is 22 years old!

Gregory Whitehead - If a Voice Like, Then What?
(from Ubu Web, also on Whitehead´s Pleasure of Ruins CD)

his pieces display an incredible sense of sound design, and the language itself pushes it over into brilliance. (i listened to A LOT of Whitehead cassettes when I was a kid. Too many?).

If you have 15 minutes and space for 20 megabytes, I strongly suggest:

Gregory Whitehead - Pleasure of Ruins
(from Ubu Web, also on Whitehead´s Pleasure of Ruins CD


Also, 'Gregorian' chants intoning dead cities, so many dead cities as time presses on, pleasure spliced in -- prerecorded? Crackles in the signal, voices in the fog.