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words by jace.

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vinyl rescue service


I dunno. drum&bass records on 33 never sounded good to me, and so dubstep often falls into that grinding machines grinding teeth mode, but then again, grime is mostly shouting, and not everybody likes to be shouted at by british people. (maybe i like velocity too much and should learn the braking lesson tirelessly taught by
screw music.)

 etc etc here is a live DJ set from Vex'd, recorded at Adverse Camber's recent birthday party. Grinding techy dubstep instrumentals, mostly self-made, with a massive Bruza teaser in the middle: Words! Fast words!..  then back to the instrumentals...

   Vex'd - live in London Nov 2005


Although funk carioca and dubstep have completely different production values & attention to sonic detail, they share this in common: you won't get it unless you hear it on a big soundsystem; the bass must be in your stomach, audio gone visceral, audio aimed at viscera; the room should become the speaker, suddenly these enormous beats you can swim in, a new medium thicker than smoke, the listener submerged.

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» LONGWIND BEETHOVEN & HEATWAVE BEATS for months i've forgotten to mention that highly gorgeous soundpiece where northern Europeans with very clever audio software stretch out Beethoven's entire 9th Symphony until the work is 24 hours long. (893 reminded me.)

     9 Beet Stretch (mp3s)

for those who prefer their weekend with beats instead of glistening classical tones which hang in the air, I highly recommend

        the new Heatwave mix.

70 minutes of reggaecentric tunes for waist-winding, no flashy DJisms, just quality selectors selecting quality. And sounding that airhorn!  
  the reach & flow is on-point; for my tastes this is the most listenable online mix in a long time.

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Y'all heard ethnomusicologist Jim Koetting's recording of workers cancelling stamps at the University of Ghana Post Office, right?

    the dead letter office never sounded so chipper, so funky...

Aurgasm ups the original, and N-Ron & Leftenant start off their Thunder Sound mix with it.

(most offices I worked in sounded like: stuff beeping, dry coughs, passive-aggressive conversations, air conditioners shuddering, and the clickety clicks of slow typists. Why do computer mice make that clicking noise with each 'click'? Why do keyboards have to be so noisy? Plastic on plastic is not how I'd like my future to sound .)

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Anonymous is right: for more Etoile de Dakar and African music, go to Aduna ! !

Aduna is a "blog audio dédié à la musique africain" (i need to practice my french anyhow)
mostly west African tunes at the moment, including a gritty / dreamy / sublime Super Etoile de Dakar complete cassette rip with unintentionally disturbing cover art.

 no RSS feed though...

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you've heard Fennesz roll over the Stones, right?
Wirewool provides.

most Fennesz sounds to me like Reaktor granular synthesis patches auto-evolving while an Austrian checks his email and/or online bank account, but this early tune makes hearty poetry from audio trimmings, static crackles powered by the Stones aura.

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» MESSNAWA A rootsy Moroccan shaabi group from a recent live recording in Paris, the city of flames.

      Messnawa – en live à Paris
      (20 minute excerpt, 18.4 MB)

if you can slip inside Messnawa's complex grooves, you will be rewarded. If not it might just seem swirling and endless and self-similar. I reckon their performance is structured akin to a DJ mixtape: seamless seguing from from to song with momentum in mind, but maybe its just one long song with several structural change-ups.

The cassette isn't any help: its definitely mis-taped, and possibly mislabeled as well. Released on the Belgium-based label
Fassiphone, who should be more organized than they are.

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Tuesday 29 November 2005 at 2:09 pm
just in from Brasil. must gather my wits before i write anything, but until then i'm sure you are all wondering what Johnny Marr's guitar chords do inside favela circuitry. (Special delivery for the Leftenant)
  [EDIT: kid606 just informed me that this track was on a baile funk cd-r of mine that we were listening to on our US tour way back in summer 2003. my bad -- i thought it was new when i found it (again) in Brasil!

          Sometimes I wonder what's better, the music i remember or the music i've forgotten. Anyhow---

           MC Saquinho - Montagem The Smith

Was Morrisey forseeing the future of urban neoliberalism & spatialized class warfare (suburb - ghetto - favela - center - enclave - gated community: rich people living behind bars & the poor without lockable doors) when he sang "And I've got no right to take my place / with the human race"?

Was Stephen Patrick Morrissey touching upon the legal structures bulwarking postcolonial inequalities & resultant psychosexual violence when he crooned "Oh ... sweetness, sweetness / I was only joking when I said / by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed"?


Is this what young MC Saquinho was vibing off? (of course not, but seeing Brasil's vertiginous violence & wealth, and cultural wealth, and generosity & fear, you start thinking that way -- the 12-year-old pointing a gun in your face and asking, quietly, for you to give him your car is related to your insurance policy, each one makes the other possible, and each side profits from this interpenetration; the cocaine in your purse or wallet or nose pays for music gear -- funk carioca -- and a hundred nasty things, new social handcuffs, but it does not pay for filtered water or change below the surface, or even a small sense of entitlement to eat at any of Sao Paolo's Japanese restaurants, best Japanese food outside of Japan, plates of wow and boxes of sake all so good you forget, gear up, slacks & skirts & pheremones, taxi or drive to the next nightlife spot, through & beyond the dawn; always a kind of killing in the pleasure money provides.)

   this other track is off Funk Hit's [sic] a street bootleg I picked up in Sao Paolo for under 2 €.

                     Os Caçaderos - Besterinha


Wednesday 23 November 2005 at 12:00 am

The constant gardener gardens constantly. He doesn't stop for sandwiches, malaria, or tea.

After the end of his life, when the decorum-marked days have unspooled and the credits begin to roll, this is the song our gardener hears:

Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro (Constant Gardener soundtrack)

If you enjoyed the (excellent) film or the (even better) book, then please go read John Le Carré's essay on Big Pharma, (first published in The Nation).

   The brow furrows. The outlook darkens. Hope shoots up, cursing the dealer's price. Will we ever develop enough wrinkles to fit our worries?



Monday 21 November 2005 at 12:00 am

Mudd Up!
C.E.O. and Head Janitor J.J. Clayton is not "here" right now, but due to the magic of the "Timed Publish" function Mudd Up! will keep on blogging, all by itself.


Rupture's first visit to Brazil! right in time for early summer heat...

  • Nov 22 Sao Paolo. DJ /rupture vs. DJ Dolores. Vegas Club

    Dolores is one of Brazil's most well-known international DJs, he does strong work with north Brazilian musical traditions and drum&bass/breakbeat. Forward-thinking, classy, rooted.   
                streamable DJ Dolores set from Womad 04

  • Nov 23 Sao Paolo. Mutek event at SESC -- Free entrance round-table discussion: Murcof, DJ /rupture, Robert Henke (Monolake/ Ableton), and Pheek. On electronic music, distribution, and independent- & net-labels.

  • Nov. 25 Belo Horizonte. Forum de Midias Expandidas, Casa do Condo. DJ /rupture, Diplo, etc. & I think Dolores will be here too. (Funny that Diplo & I first play together in South America. Realized I've never heard Mr Wesley Pentz do a live DJ set, looking forward.)

        *         *         *

from Dolores's 2005 album Aparelhagem:

             DJ Dolores - De Dar Dó

Liner notes:

What is happening in this city? The buildings collapse over our heads. Near the beach, starving sharks wait for unsuspecting swimmers. Stastically, Recife is the most violent city in Brazil. Yet there are still people happily singing 'emboladas' on the suburban buses.

The vocal style in this track is inspired by the 'cantadores' (folk singers) who always appear in duos, and often as groups of kids, trading funny and satirical improvised lines on the buses. This particular style is called 'embolada', it's a kind of Brazilian folk-rap with limited melodies and lots of rhythm.


Friday 18 November 2005 at 2:02 pm
First off, all you grimey New Yoke people know that Kode 9 makes his NYC debut tonite, right? Just checkin.

Give this man a subwoofer & anything's possible. I've been feeling he and his label's take on the dubstep thing, infusions of long-lined synthetic dread and dub poetry courtesy of the Space Ape. Caught Kode DJing in London & it was hot.

    (I think those future rastas in Neuromancer were bumping Kode 9's Kingston alongside Augustus Pablo.) 

                *              *              *

    No Ying Yang tune or Likkle Jon!

OK. If you took it seriously, the Ying-Ying Twins' 'Wait (the whisper song)' was a highly offensive stalker/rapist anthem, but there are so many other things to be taken seriously; the Twins shouldn't be high on anyone's serious list. Wait also happened to be amazing, pretty much transformed a brilliant gimmick – whispering instead of shouting – into a genre – intimate club music. Southern alchemicals!

So yeah, their tune was all about dick, then David Banner's take on it was all about, um, pleasuring his female partner, but Italee's reggae jam is my favorite post-Wait whisperation, and she's pissed at the idiot misogyny spinning round the Ying-Yang Twins. (Aren't they gay partners anyhow? And isn't Jay-Z itching to come out of the closet if only Beyoncé's lawyers would drop their legal threats?)

        You'll never get in my draws!,
sings Italee. Noooo, Never!

              Italee – My Draw (concubine riddim)

The Bug tipped me off to Concubine and a fresh batch of hot new dancehall. The Concubine riddim suggests that cut-up X-Files themesong whistles a few stations over are interfering with a Middle-eastern telecom's darbouka-sampling adverts on Al-Jazeera satellite broadcasts. The X-Files atmosphere of military-industrial complex coverups & CIA conspiracies alongside globally dislocated 'Arab' signifiers is what the world sounds like right now.

Vybz Kartel hems in his customary slack talk and goes full conscious on the same riddim, posing a string of sharp rhetorical questions. Has Welcome to Jamrock sparked a new wave of socially conscious reggae? Vybz is exactingly political (never thought i'd write that), Why Why's lyrics make Marley's Jamrock content seem soggy, superficial.

                  Vybz Kartel – Why, Why (concubine riddim)

why yuh no raise granny pension?
why prime minister retirement plan just get monetary extension?
...why dem don't blame who build the gun then?

                *                *                *

The elements of this song go together like gasoline and peanut butter. Wayne Marshall's Times falls into the 'Tall Up Tall Up' category of reference-scrambling inexplicable/hilarious dancehall. (Is this what drunks when you use happens in the studio drug then?) Plus, more conscious lyrics.

                  Wayne Marshall – Times

  Wherein Wayne asks: will this be a never-ending storm?

  Whereupon Jace wonders: what will the other Wayne Marshall opine?

Speaking of never-ending storms and the spreading realization that Babylon is winning big time, little Guantanamos everywhere; a war against terror which embraces violent extremism means that language and semantic reality are the first things to go, hence the need for poets.

Odalisqued & I are gonna start up a course in Non-Denominational Approaches to Eschatology. Free enrollment for anyone with pain! To sign up, bury a tooth in your backyard.

                            "But I don't have a backyard!"

                    *          *          *

One of these tunes is not like the other.

                  Wiley – Sidewinder refix

courtesy of Rich c90! This one's great, Wiley murders it, starts off acting like a (vaguely) normal MC then discards all pretense of rhyme scene and normative meter to talk about how he is different from you b/c nobody wants to kill you, etc. then the catchy sung chorus swoops in. Man.

Trust me, just be real to yourself, you will live much longer. Your life's different, nobody wants to kill you, it's ok for you to mingle. I'm not like you, you're not like me... I like mind games.

                *         *         *

next week Brazil (Nov 20: 'National Black Consciousness Day'!!), 9/11 Trivial Pursuit cards amidst club flyers, & some klezmer from a Bristolean cassette...


Thursday 17 November 2005 at 03:01 am

The book I am currently reading which least resembles the other books I am currently reading is without a doubt Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life and Others.  Science fiction but it feels like reading Borges or having someone patiently explaing a complex physics concept, unraveling the knots in your mind so you understand -- then marvel at -- the explanation. Yet when they leave you find that you can't explain it to anybody else.

The twining of fantastically logical concepts and emotional sensitivity urge his best plots forward. Every story I've read so far ends with a quiet revelatory firework, that precise slipknot of surprise short story writers grasp for, usually missing. Formally elegant and steely. And all while stuff is happening which could only happen in fiction; he runs with the possibilities offered by the form.

Science fiction but instead of writing about what the aliens look like or do or whatever, Chiang is concerned with -- for example -- how learning an alien language & internalizing the worldview it presupposes affects a linguist's grasp of time, teleology, and her relationship with her daughter.

I remember when you'll be a month old, and I'll stumble out of bed to give you your 2:00 AM feeding. ... The word "infant" is derived from the Latin word for "unable to speak" but you'll be perfectly capable of saying one thing: "I suffer," and you'll do it tirelessly and without hesitation. I have to admire your utter commitment to that statement; when you cry you'll become outrage incarnate, every fiber of your body employed in expressing that emotion. It's funny: when you're tranquil, you will seem to radiate light, and if someone were to paint a portrait of you like that, I'd insist that they include the halo. But when you're unhappy, you will become a klaxon, built for radiating sound; a portrait of you then could simply be a fire alarm bell.

At that stage of your life, there'll be no past or future for you; until I give you my breast, you'll have no memory of contentment in the past nor expectation of relief in the future. Once you begin nursing, everything will reverse, and all will be right with the world. NOW is the only moment you'll perceive; you'll live in the presence tense. In many ways, it's an enviable state. ... Freedom isn't an illusion; it's perfectly real in the context of sequential consciousness. Within the context of simultaneously consciousness, freedom is not meaningful, but neither is coercion; it's simply a different context, no more or less valid that the other.

Of course, quoting Chiang isn't so useful since it is his form and flow and the meat of his ideas that we feast on; the more of it you can hold in your head at once the better it gets. As of 2002, he earned a living writing technical documentation for computer programmers. His published ouevre consists of 8 short stories.

       Here's one of them: Division by Zero.


So,-- Is the rabbit hungry (a pet presumably, or maybe a lab animal), or it is time for people to carve up the dead animal on their dinner plates?


Saturday 12 November 2005 at 12:38 am

Here's an exorcism I performed on  David Brooks' New York Times editorial (NYT pay-service version here).

  (Mr Brooks' piece on French riots and American culture has been
making the rounds.)

        Gangsta, in French

After 9/11, everyone knew there was going to be a debate about the future of business interests. We just didn't know the debate would be between the Republican party and laissez-faire market ideology.

Yet those seem to be the lifestyle alternatives that are really on offer for rich young Christian men in places like France, Britain and maybe even the world beyond. A few highly alienated and fanatical young men commit themselves to the radical business interests of the Republican party. But most find their self-respect by embracing the poses and worldview of American capitalism and multinationals.

One of the striking things about the scenes from France is how thoroughly the executives have assimilated capitalism and corporate culture. It's not only that they use the same hand gestures as American businessmen, wear the same clothes and neckties, play the same video games, and sit with the same sorts of car stereos at full blast. It's that they seem to have adopted the same poses of exaggerated manhood, the same attitudes about women, money and the police. They seem to have replicated the same sort of corporate culture, the same romantic visions of gunslinging brokerage deals.

In a globalized age it's perhaps inevitable that the culture of the free market gets globalized, too. What we are seeing is what Mark Lilla of the University of Chicago calls a universal culture of the wealthy of the earth. The images, modes and attitudes of capitalism and multinational corporations are so powerful they are having a hegemonic effect across the globe.

American middle-class life, at least as portrayed in mainstream press, now defines for the young, rich and disaffected what it means to be well-to-do. Corporate etiquette is the most compelling model for how to maintain that oppression. If you want to stand up and fight The Man, the Notorious B.I.G. shows the way. He was shot dead several years ago and is now remembered mostly for his style.

This is a reminder that for all the talk about American countercultural hegemony, American normalized hegemony has always been more powerful. America's rebellious normalized heroes exert more influence around the world than the dirty establishment images from Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. This is our final insult to the anti-Americans; we allow poor blacks to define how to be anti-American, and then kill them, blaming it on their artistic choices.

When laissez-faire economics first came to France, American consultants dominated the scene, but now the suburban immigrant neighborhoods have produced their own stars in their own language. French consultants today are like the American corporate advisors of about five or 10 years ago, when it was more common to fantasize about cop killings and risk arbitrage.

Most of the memos can't be reprinted in this newspaper, but you can get a sense of them from, say, a snippet from an interoffice email from Bitter Ministry: "Another woman takes her beating./This time she's called Brigitte./She's the wife of a cop. " Or this from Mr. R's celebrated quarterly newsletter "PolitiKment IncorreKt": "France is a bitch. ... Don't forget to [deleted] her to exhaustion. You have to treat her like a whore, man! ... My associates and my partners, our playground is the street with the most lawyers!"

The French corporate pose is familiar. It is built around the image of the strong, violent hypermacho male, who loudly asserts his dominance and demands respect. The businessman is a brave, normalized criminal. He has nothing but rage for the institutions of society: the state and the schools. He shows his own cruel strength by dominating women. It is perhaps no accident that until the riots, the most overlooked story coming out of these neighborhoods was the rise of astonishing and horrific multinational corporations.

In other words, what we are seeing in France will be familiar to anyone who watched corporate culture rise in this country. You take a population of young men who benefit from racism and who face limitless opportunities, and you present them with a culture that encourages them to become exactly the sort of people the bigots think they are - and you call this proud self-assertion and empowerment. You take men who are already well-treated by the police because of their color, and you tolerate and encourage white-collar criminality so they will be really promoted and rewarded. You tell them to maintain oppression by embracing selfishness.

In America, at least, multinational corporations are a sort of a game. The corporate man ends up in wealthy suburbs or gated communities. But in France, the barriers to ascent are higher. The prejudice is more impermeable, and the labor markets are more rigid. There really is no escape.


Friday 11 November 2005 at 12:48 pm

To tell you the truth, I would read (more) music blogs if, instead of people talking about records, it was records talking about people. Who owned them, who listened to them, where they'd traveled, been played, forgotten, loved, worn out. The dances they saw and the disappointments they chaperoned.

        )     )     )

Senegal's first proper pop stars – El Hadji Faye and Youssou N'Dour – fronted a band called Étoile de Dakar in the late 70s. Griot crooning, talking drums, guitar lines that pick and nimble their way down the path, and horns which shine everything. And on this particularly recording at least -- funny noisemaking whistles drenched in reverb, and odd tremelo chords that sound like that 70s should.

          Étoile de Dakar – Badou N'Diaye

This is one of my few monophonic vinyl records. Stereo is great but mono is great too.

Étoile lasted for 2 years. This was recorded near the end of their career, before the singers branched into competing groups – N'Dour & his Super Étoile band continue strong, unstoppable international superstars: one of the few World Music artists to survive Peter Gabriel's soft-bomb reverb attack!

        )     )     )

   Unexpectedness in genre opens doors. We can then walk through these doors.

Rocket-powered heat-seeker Nick Catchdubs tipped me off to this one a few weeks back, buyable on a 12" called 'Reggaeton Exclusives And More'. Guess this slots into the 'And More' category. Tego mumbles "anga"compatible rhymes over a funky 'live' precussion workout, a sound that's usually confined to 'interlude' status on reggaeton albums. (The vinyl also has a Bookshelf riddim blend, Bookshelf being one of the highlight reggae riddims of 1998, Mr Vegas' "Jack it Up" a favorite 'round here.)

            Tego Calderon - Trangalanga (remix)

        )     )     )

People outside the U.S. making orientalist hiphop beats aren't trying to sound fake eastern, they are trying to sound like Americans.

             Ale Dee - C'que Jveux (French-Canadian, mp3 courtesy Seb Catlitter. i can almost ID the sample)

...But in the meantime the Americans are taking Asian fetishism in pop music to a whole new level. Cut to Margaret Cho
on Gwen Stefani's cultural props:

I like Gwen Stefani, she's alright. She is very stylish and has a nice voice and a really flat stomach. She is a rock star, and quite good at it. I am always impressed by her platinum hair and her incredibly organized steamer trunks. She keeps all her wristbands in separate zip-lock bags. I too have lots of nice things, but they are all getting moth eaten and mashed together in a pile on my closet floor... Now she has 4 things all together, the Harajuku Girls. I want to like them, and I want to think they are great, but I am not sure if I can. I mean, racial stereotypes are really cute sometimes, and I don't want to bum everyone out by pointing out the minstrel show.


Thursday 10 November 2005 at 4:35 pm

         tomorrow mp3s... (Tego, Etoile de Dakar, etc...)

    west iberian party people: this Saturday I'll be playing @ Lisbon's Numero festival

(Lest residents of Portugal's former colony feel left-out, week after next I'll be performing in Brazil. details later.)

in other musicky news, Ghislain Poirier's 2nd album on Chocolate Industries comes out next week-- yeah! Ghis is family & big talent.

 Buy Poirier's Breakupdown (or at least feel vaguely guilty for downloading it), play his tunes xtra loud, interview him, put him on the cover of your magazine, treat him to fresh bagels and apple pie, catch him opening for U.K. midget-rights activist Lady Sov on her debut North American tour later this month. 

          ok, enough imperatives. tunes soon come.


Wednesday 09 November 2005 at 12:31 pm                             

                          **  Mudd Up! PERSONALS **

Pretty blond, great figure, sensuous, sincere, fun, looking for the love of my life: a tall, established looter, 48 to 58.

Willing to stay up past curfew? Tall, dark, and handsome Frenchman believes that 'ethnic friction' is the way forward. Camus, Goldman, Bakunin, and... you?

28, 5'3'', Continental attractive intelligent highly educated elegant kind fun playful emotionally secure female into travel theater music & art, in search of a long term meaningful relationship with European rioter.

Teacher of autistic children, seeks independent woman for molotov cocktails and mutual joy.

Writer/artist/Fulbright Scholar, slim, gym-fit and shapely works in belly of Manhattan media beast. Sweet, earthy, free-spirited iconoclast (azure eyes, long locks, leftist politics) seeks handsome, poor streetfighter.

SPW, 33, 5’ 9”, attractive, useful and athletic. Actively involved in her psychological and spiritual evolution seeks a LTR with a man, 38-48, who has the capacity for genuine anarchy. Must not shy away from intimacy.


Monday 07 November 2005 at 6:28 pm

The tender pragmatisms of flesh have poetries no enigma, human or divine, can diminish or demean -- indeed, it can only cause them, and then walk out.

            - John Fowles "The Enigma"



Monday 07 November 2005 at 1:21 pm

back, briefly;

i'm gonna write on losing everything & finding sweet African vinyl as soon as i can but until then--

  • 20 minutes of dubstep pressure by Atki2:  Atki2 Sept. Session.

    It's at the bottom of the interview. Atki2 formed part of Anarchic Harddrive and so his take on the grime thing is informed by breakcore hotflashes as well as dubstep's massive sub-bass & spatialization.

  • Sara @ Deconstructo studio has put together a lovely showreel video piece using some of my audio:


        Look for Sara Tagariello, it's the 3rd video, one titled Humanity Lost.

A naked guy in the woods, on-point edits, stillness to swiftcuts. Enjoy! Them i'm gonna sue Tagariello's ass for using my tracks without permission, then Lou Reed's gonna sue my ass for using the VU without permission, then the Armenian duduk players are gonna contact the Barcelona-branch of the Ukrainian mafia & things might get ugly.
     But the piece, the piece is nice.


Sunday 06 November 2005 at 04:04 am


a good friend of mine who isn't white and isn't straight is making a list of all the ways she isn't free. i have no idea what form the list takes or how long it is or if she's even started writing it at all


Wednesday 02 November 2005 at 12:35 am

 ...its all theoretical unless we take it to the street.

   /rupture live dates

wed Nov. 2 Bristol. Timbuk2
    tonite i'll be DJing with 0=0 & my man Atki2 w/ MC!

thurs Nov. 3 - Amsterdam. Paradiso

    not sure what's going on, i'll be in the 2nd room around 11:30.

fri Nov. 4 - London. Overkill @ Electrowerkz
    mad punky party. Endless performers, several with guitars.
    i'm looking fwd to Modeselektor, V/Vm, Shitmat, Scotch Egg, Cek, etc.... i'll do an hour set around 1:30 or 2, after grindcore band Mistress!
    + debut performance for Mark Clifford’s (Seefeel, Disjecta, Cocteau Twins) new band Cek. innerestin'....

sat Nov. 5 - Sheffield. The Runaway Girl
limited to 120 tix = come early + hot n sweaty + bonfire night. the way we like it.